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The Federal Reserve finally announced the end of rate hikes. It’s a day real estate investors have been eagerly awaiting. With lower mortgage rates on the horizon in 2024, buyers could gain more control of the housing market, and the seller standoff may finally break. What does this mean for the economy, and are we finally out of recession territory? On this BiggerNews episode, we’re breaking it all down!

Joining David and Rob are James Dainard and Kathy Fettke from the On the Market podcast. Today, all four housing market experts bring a breaking headline to dive into. From the Fed’s proposed plan for 2024 mortgage rates to the new jobs report that shows optimistic signs for the economy, there is a LOT happening before the new year rolls around. But that’s not all we’ll touch on.

A new bill targeting corporate landlords has been proposed, limiting the amount of hold hedge funds have on the housing market. But could this bill target ALL real estate investors, not just the Wall Street buyers? Finally, how the baby boomers bought the housing market and how their remarkable wealth has allowed them to make all-cash home purchases while the other generations sit on the sidelines.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The Fed’s proposed 2024 rate cuts and effects on mortgage rates
  • Recession fears and whether or not we’ll be able to achieve a “soft landing
  • The new jobs report and the impact of a “cooling” labor market on employees and employers
  • Corporate landlords and the dangerous side effects of a new bill that is targeting hedge fund buyers
  • The baby boomer housing market shopping spree and why they’re taking advantage as rates stay high
  • And So Much More!

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