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A selfie wall is no simple Instagram gimmick. Instead, installing one in your short-term rental is a shrewd strategic move that can set you apart from the competition, increase your revenue, and help put your marketing efforts on autopilot. 

Wait a Minute—What’s a Selfie Wall?

A selfie wall can be anything at all—as long as it’s eye-catching and makes a great backdrop for taking—you guessed it—selfies. The best walls say something about your location and match the vibe of your STR, while also making your guests look undeniably cool as they vacation in your amazing home. 

Think about a patterned wallpaper with a neon sign overtop, or a colorful, oversized map of your area, or even some cool painted (or purchased!) mural in front of which your guests can pose to their hearts’ content. Selfie walls can be inside or out—your only goal is to stoke the FOMO.

So now that you know what a selfie wall is, here are three reasons to consider installing one.

1. They Really Help You Stand Out on the Booking Sites

You don’t need us to tell you how important eye-catching photos are in your listing profile. Thumb-stopping pics are crucial to getting booked, and selfie walls are as thumb-stopping as you get (that’s their sole purpose). Make sure your profile includes your selfie wall with someone actively snapping a pic or posing, so potential guests will know immediately what they’re looking at.

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2. They’re Cheap to Create

Selfie walls do not have to be expensive or big. As long as you have a wall at least 3 feet wide, you can create an amazing photo backdrop. Think about inexpensive peel-and-stick wallpaper, a big premade tapestry/mural from a site like Society 6, fun art from HomeGoods, or some local design that references where you’re located. 

The easiest selfie wall in the world may just be a swipe of chalkboard paint and a bucket of chalk. Leave a welcome message on the wall for guests when they arrive, and invite them to create their own backdrop for the ultimate custom selfie.

3. They Are Hard-Working Marketing Vehicles

Confirm your guests’ hunch about that colorful, fun space in your STR by overtly inviting them to take a selfie there with a little sign. Importantly, make sure to include your STR’s IG account handle or your rental’s hashtag in an obvious place near the wall so that when your guests post their gorgeous pics, they’ll include your handle and poof—instant organic reach to new potential guests for your STR.  

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