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If you want to reach early retirement, especially in your thirties, you’ll need to take some big risks. Today’s guest turned down what would have been a dream salary to many people, choosing to work for himself while making close to a third as much as a job would have paid him. He put in the time and sweat, making just enough money to survive for over a decade, living as frugally as he could so he could roll everything back into his business. Then, overnight, he became a multimillionaire. And guess what? You can, too.

One day, at the age of thirty-four, Jeremy Schneider found himself $2,000,000 richer than he had been the day before. He had successfully sold a company he’d been building for a decade, making him, his family, and his employees wealthy in the process. Then, he did what every burnt-out founder does: travel the world, play volleyball and video games, and get some much-needed rest. But soon after, he decided to return to work, focusing on something much more important.

In this episode, Jeremy gives a masterclass on the right way to build your business, how to sell it for millions more than you were originally offered, and exactly what you should do with the money afterward to STAY financially free.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • How to reach early retirement in your thirties by building (and selling) a business
  • When it makes sense to take a paycheck vs. bet on yourself 
  • How companies are bought and sold and the negotiations behind closed doors
  • The MASSIVE amount of taxes Jeremy had to pay after selling his business
  • What Jeremy did with his $2,000,000 payday that set him up for life
  • And So Much More!

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