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Got just enough savings to buy a rental property? Before you pull the trigger, you’ll want to hear today’s episode because you could be making a big mistake. Speaking of buying, are future rate cuts going to push mortgage rates down so low that buyers and bidding wars flood the market? Is this your last chance to get in before home prices shoot back up? Don’t worry; we’re getting to all these questions in this week’s Seeing Greene.

David is back and better/balder than ever as he answers your real estate investing questions. First, a young house hacker wants to know what he should do when there are no good deals in his area. Then, another young investor debates whether they should buy a rental or invest in stocks instead. Unfortunately, there’s one big problem he’s overlooking. A new investor wonders if she should dump her ENTIRE savings into a second home, and a realtor asks for lead generation tips. Finally, David gives his take on what will happen when mortgage rates finally fall this year. 

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • What to do when you can’t find a cash-flowing deal in your area 
  • Whether to invest in real estate, invest in stocks, or keep saving and wait
  • Mortgage rate cut predictions and the “tsunami” of buyers that could flood the housing market
  • The BIG problem with dumping your savings into a rental property 
  • The TRUTH about real estate investing that none of the gurus will ever tell you
  • How to get more real estate leads by NOT following the basic agent/investor trends
  • And So Much More!

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