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Could mortgage rates fall in 2024? And if so, how low will they go? What happens if home prices rise; could the Fed make things even harder for buyers? And what’s the one thing that could cause sellers to hike prices again? We have good news for you if you’ve been noodling on these unanswered questions. Dave Meyer is here to quench your thirst for data with this month’s AMA (ask me anything)!

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  • When mortgage rates will fall and how low they’ll go
  • The Fed’s next moves and what they’ll do if home prices rise
  • Home price predictions and why deals could get even harder to find
  • What to do TODAY if you’re starting from zero
  • How to invest your first $25,000 and the EASIEST way to get into real estate
  • Whether or not the short-term rental market will recover
  • Whether a hot dog is or is not a sandwich, and why this American classic breaks the rules of handheld food
  • And So Much More!

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